“Why Choose Ace”


10 Reasons to Choose ACE

1. Maths and English Programmes are offered from Pre-school to Secondary Year 10 and are aligned to the Australian School Curriculum.

2. Individualised Learning Programmes help both Remedial and Extension Students progress to school grade level & beyond.

3. A ratio of 1 Staff to no more than 4 Students provides optimal support to promote independent learning.

4. Student Performance Reports, at the end of each Term, showing Student Effort and Student Progress by month (click here to see a sample).

5. Comprehensive contents for English and Maths Programmes.                                                            Maths Programme includes all topics with skills and application (worded) problems.

English Programme includes Comprehension, Creative Writing, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Vocabulary.  

6.  Trained and Experienced ACE Staff with the necessary competency to support specific stages of the programmes in line with the ACE Learning Philosophy.

7.  Proven Implementation System:          
Daily Homework of about 20 minutes and weekly contact with staff of 50 Minutes per week per subject to clarify concepts and resolve Daily Homework queries.

8.  Parent Student Consultation at the end of each term to review progress and agree short term goals.

9.   Affordable Fees.  Low Monthly Fee  for extensive services beyond staff-student contact. No medium or long term lock in.  Just prior month notice to discontinue at the end of any month.  (click here for Centre Hours and Fees page)

10.  Ace Learning Centre is a Member of the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA) and adheres to ATA Code of Conduct.

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